Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Ducking Out..

New Russh is out today, so here's a little preview from their myspace. I might do some scans when I get a chance to pick a copy up...


Solid Scent

I have a bit of a thing for perfume and particularly love it if one of my perfumes is released as a solid scent, which Chanel did with Coco Mademoiselle. There is something romantic and classic about these little compacts that I find really appealing. 

So I was looking up solid perfumes and found a site dedicated to the collection of Estee Lauder solid perfume compacts. These compacts are so kitsch and bejewelled, and are at times just plain weird. I thought they were interesting enough to share... 

All of these compacts are from Lisa's collection at

She Wants To Go To The Seaside

A day in the life of Tallulah. She seems to hang out with the cobrasnake a fair bit, which is...interesting. Did she walk in any SS09 shows? Maybe not. Oh well she still gets to cruise around NY, LA, wherever, living it up. Which is more than I can say for myself.


Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

Muse #15
Photos: modelcouture

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Follow The White Rabbit

Marie Claire Italia October 2008
Photographer: Arnaud Pyvka
Photos: tFS

Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Just Seen A Face

Pretty Eniko, looking pretty as usual with toussled hair and bold, dark eyelashes. Loving Eniko at the moment, she always looks so amazing. 

Late For The Sky

Oyster Magazine #78
Photographer: Chantelle Dosser

Babooshka Ya-Ya

To celebrate ten years of Vogue Russia, the magazine enlisted thirty-one designers to create signature Babooshka dolls. So cute, I want them all! They are quite tall, standing at half a metre, however the dolls have been slimmed down to a more model appropriate size. Tall, skinny model Babooshkas in designer clothing. I always like it when creative people have to customise things, like shirts and whatnot, because it's so fun to see all of the different ideas that people have. So anyway, here are the finished Russian dolls...

Nina Donis, Alena Akhmadullina, Giorgio Armani

Oscar De La Renta, J. Mendel, Dries Van Noten, Denis Simachev

Celine, Jitrois, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry

Sonia Rykiel, Valentin Yudashkin, Emilio Pucci, Andrey Bartenev

Paul Smith, Konstantin Gayday, Marni, Gucci

Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Versace, Blumarine

Dolce & Gabbana, Maison Martin Margiela, Giles, Marc Jacobs

If I had to pick one favourite it would probably be Stella McCartney's little winking hippie. But it's so hard to choose. What do you guys think?

We'll Always Have Paris

YSL Campaign F/W 2005
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Photos: tFS

I love the Eiffel Tower when it glitters. Love it. My boyfriend thought I had gone mad when we went to Paris and all I wanted to do was sit in front of it and watch it sparkle. It's such an iconic, symbolic and magical monument. I just wanted to soak up the experience so I could remember it forever! Anyway this post is mainly a lead in to some random facts about me. The lovely Betsey of Una Bella Vita tagged me to answer a couple of questions, so I'll try my best...

Six Random Things About Me
1. I love the Eiffel Tower when it glitters, I think I have probably established this
2. I'm a terrible eater and live on lollies, biscuits, thai and swigs of diet coke. So unhealthy.
3. I am a total dreamer. I dream of moving overseas to Paris or New York to attend a decent film school, and spend my boring hours at my casual jobs thinking of ideas for short films, music videos and my brewing idea for a feature film.
4. I'm 21 and I can't drive yet, unfortunately
5. I'm nearly finished my degree, at which point I may combust on the spot because I have no idea what to do next
6. I think too much about everything!

Six Random Things I Like
1. Cold Rock cookies and cream ice cream with cookie dough! Yummmm.
2. Staying at home when it rains and watching movies in bed.
3. Sunbaking and drinking punch around the pool, on the deck, on a boat, down the coast, up the coast, in the baby pool, anywhere in the sun with my friends.
4. Buying make-up, bags and shoes. My shopping addictions!
5. Travelling overseas. Oh the life of leisure.
6. Amazing musical experiences. Listening to a great song for the first time, discovering an awesome band, seeing a favourite band live, and the hilarious escapades that inevitably ensue when camping at festivals.

Six Random Thing I Don't Like
1. Rude and stupid customers. I could elaborate for the next ten minutes but I'll leave it at that.
2. Vegetables. Gross.
3. My dog Zac, also known as Zacquisha because he is such a princess and thinks he owns my house. I am too scared of him to even touch him and he is only a white, fluffy little maltese.
4. Getting older and realising you can't ever go back to being a kid
5. Asshole doorbitches on power trips. Actually people on power trips in general.
6. Getting up before 10:30 AM.

That was sort of fun! Thanks Betsey. Next up I'll tag..