Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Music, Music, Music

I am an obsessional music listener. I find a song that I love and play it to death until I never want to hear it again, or for a long while at least. So I thought I would post on the bands/albums that are currently working overtime in my iTunes...

Metronomy- Nights Out

This album is, in my opinion, pretty damn good. I guess I would call it indie electro-pop, with some jamming beats and interesting instrument choices (a squeaking door is used throughout Heartbreaker). Very danceable. Released in September 08, NME predicts, "It's a sleeping giant of a dancefloor creeper that will be everyone's favourite new electro album in approximately six months time."

Listen here to my picks 'Heartbreaker' and 'Heart Rate Rapid'.

Starfucker- Starfucker

A sort of cruisy, sunny, electro-pop sound. The experienced folk at Pitchfork do a better job of describing the album saying, it's "a fine piece of fractured, homemade pop, with handclaps, bleary synths, drum machines, clunky acoustic guitars, and honeyed lo-fi harmonies." And there you have it. Worth checking out for the soundtrack to a day by the pool.

Listen here to my faves 'German Love' and 'Hard Smart Beta' and 'Florida'. 

And last but not least...

Tame Impala- Their EP is out in October

Psychadelic, melododic, rock. These guys sound like they were delivered direct from the 70's. Apparently, studio execs are banking on psychadelic music as the next 'trend' and the Perth trio have been signed to Modular. With the current mainstream success of semi-psychadelic MGMT, they might just be right. Anyway I know my friends and I are enjoying Tame Impala and they are getting radio play here in Australia, which is a good sign.

Listen here for the few songs that are available at this point!

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D said...

Have you heard Tame Impala's cover of Remember Me by Blue Boy? It's fat! Maybe they will play it on Mon? You got tix yet? x