Thursday, October 23, 2008

On A Completely Different Note, Separated At Birth

Although this is a departure from what my blog is really about it is something that I've thought about posting on the internets for quite some time, but didn't really know where to send it. Now I have my own blog so problem solved. My boyfriend will probably love the fact that he has made it onto my blog, but only because I think he looks strangely like Elijah Wood! What do you think?

Hahaha! It is just too funny to keep to myself. This post is dedicated to Dee of the amazing Delightful, who has always loved a good lookalike xxx


Anonymous said...

this is hilaro man. nate full looks like him! the cheeky grin and the blue blue eyes! how did i not see this before?! p.s i love elijah!

D said...

I live for a good look alike!

Alissa said...

haha I'm assuming anonymous is you mia? i love elijah too, thus the life size frodo dee and tash got me for my 16th or 17th birthday. which makes the resemblance slightly creepy on my behalf!